Jack Trolove - A film by Mumu Moore

Under the skies of Te Whanganui-a-Tara in the heart of Wellington, a bay called Shelly Bay, is when i first walked into the studio that is my cousins.

Jack was in the process of putting oil to canvas, but the canvas was still blank, from the whiteness to the coloured images that appear from beneath the layers, this film takes on a wee journey into the person behind the art.

Plant Alchemy - Magic on the island of Waiheke

Waiheke - which means cascading waters, mostly because the aquifers, and springs ripple and dive their way throughout the underground. The islands so close to the shores of Aotearoa’s biggest city Auckland, but embodies such a niche, a uniqueness of the super wealthy, the bogan and the spiritual.

The land is an escape from the bustle, hustle, pop up pictures, the island holds much the trees that talk with you, the puriri with its ancient wisdom, the people who walk the land, the ones who witness te taio.

Each time i land, I witness the manu, the Kākā which i first witnessed in Wellington, and that also live in great numbers on Waikeke. Its really amazes me how the sound, to look up and see their flight brings so much love to my heart.

I was lucky enough to be asked to take some photos for the plant alchemist known as Plant Alchemy aka Caroline Moore, who works with plants to create medicine, that work with the spiritual and physical.

Check her out https://plantalchemy.co.nz/


Iron Lung Panda in Mexico Round 1. Video blog

Kia ora world, 

Well this is the first time I have done a video blog.

I am currently in Mexico shooting a series of photos for an exhibition in Aotearoa to be released around Matariki (Māaori New Year) 2018 in Wellington. 

My travelling companions and friends on the journey will be included and their stories will be told through a series of video blogs. 

My alias for this series will be Iron Lung Panda, a name given to me by friends from the "Tuesday Night Cypher" Hip Hop community. 


xiwico.co.nz (Andria Pablo Sanchez). 

Round 1 - Iron Lung Panda meets Xiwico in Mexico. After flying halfway across Papatūānuku (the earth mother) ILP made it to Mexico. Today we introduce Andria and Will to the camera and tell a wee story of waking up in a different land.


Was lucky to witness the beautiful band called Auaha. 

A group of tangata whenua and tangata tiriti musicians from across Aotearoa. 

Check out their release on bandcamp here. 


"On 31 March 2017 a group of accomplished and up and coming taonga pūoro players and musicians embarked on an 8 day journey on and beside Te Awa o Whanganui. This bringing together of creative minds coupled with the ever present mauri of the awa, with her many changing faces and moods resulted in 7 new compositions in both English and Te Reo Maori. E moko e is one of these compositions."....... 



In the blue barn with Tim Key today - I was lucky enough to land just in time for the track i feature on. 


Humans at Slim Davies

Ive been lucky enough to be, in the presence of many men. 

The older they get, the more they reflect on their time spent. 

Head to heart, I feel young, but in moments like these I feel at one. 

Dad, Stuwart, Dennis and Brendan. Drinking Red, Tequila, and beers in the evening light in Wellington. 

Canon 5d3 - nikon 18mm - lightroom colour grade. 


My life has changed, and now I am working through it. 

The self, a reflection of truth. Wheres mine with you's? 

These kids are part of my grounding.

Earth calming. Their a mystery to me, even though Ive been with them since they were young. 

10 Trips round the sun, nearly for the oldest one. 

6 Trips round the sun for the youngest one. 

My heart will always be with you. 



Owlet Nightjar -under the ground music jam

Hungout with these 3 in Oriental Bay in a hidden studio in a huge brick house over looking the blue habour of Wellington. 

Owlet Nightjar is a band created by Tim Key, for his new album coming out soon. 

They start their recording this week at the Blue Barn in Newtown. 

Iron Lung Panda is featuring on one of tracks. 



In the worlds of Music and Education

Hanging out with this man.

Human, tall, handsome, innovative and supportive, teacher and creative

Paascalino Schaller has been working with his Avalon students in Lower Hutt Wellington, supporting them through music video education, and he continues to win many awards for his music video education videos. 

He is also a musician, and film maker and continues to inspire me with his presence. 

Check out his videos here at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R42d3H8kxv8

Yesterday we working on some ideas, having a rap, and planning future projects.

Wide Eye view from my 5D3 - 18mm NIKON with Adaptor.