Plant Alchemy - Magic on the island of Waiheke

Waiheke - which means cascading waters, mostly because the aquifers, and springs ripple and dive their way throughout the underground. The islands so close to the shores of Aotearoa’s biggest city Auckland, but embodies such a niche, a uniqueness of the super wealthy, the bogan and the spiritual.

The land is an escape from the bustle, hustle, pop up pictures, the island holds much the trees that talk with you, the puriri with its ancient wisdom, the people who walk the land, the ones who witness te taio.

Each time i land, I witness the manu, the Kākā which i first witnessed in Wellington, and that also live in great numbers on Waikeke. Its really amazes me how the sound, to look up and see their flight brings so much love to my heart.

I was lucky enough to be asked to take some photos for the plant alchemist known as Plant Alchemy aka Caroline Moore, who works with plants to create medicine, that work with the spiritual and physical.

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